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Check out the testimonials from students, parents and teachers who've experienced what this training and these skills can do!


  • 'It's literally worked across EVERY subject!... The best thing is, I don't have to worry anymore'

    Lynda Kelliher - Mum, NSW

  • 'I'm ranking 1st or 2nd in my classes and getting 90% in exams'

    Chelsea Kelliher - Y12 Student

Lisa Pizzey (English Teacher)

"I just wanted to say that was the most useful and detailed and engaging workshop I've ever seen (and I've taught for MANY years and seen a LOT of presentations and workshops!). I love your style and energy and how engaging you make everything.

The content and strategies you covered are so practical and actionable for students. It's awesome to have such an experienced examiner be able to share so many insights. That was just amazing.

I hope that they all realise just how lucky they are to have had you come in and deliver this to them!"

"Students - I can honestly tell you that I've never seen advice or information as useful and practical and detailed as this. Seriously, this is the best training session I've seen in any school I've worked in. I hope you make the most of asking Katie any questions while she's here and keep those workbooks with you at all times."


  • 'He was the typical boy - could tell you all about a topic, but ask him to write it...'

    Tammy Halter - mum (Brisbane, QLD)

  • 'Before - I was stuck, I didn't know what I was doing...
    Now - In my latest English assignment, I got a solid A'

    Josh (Y12) - Brisbane, QLD

Cathy Mansfield (Humanities Teacher)

  • 'This gives students 'the golden ticket'.'

    Nicole Holmes - Mum, (Sydney, NSW)

  • 'I was frustrated with my results, now I'm stoked'

    Jessica Holmes (Y11) - Sydney, NSW

  • 'These are critical skills for any student'

    Katy Dymond - Mum - Perth, WA

  • 'I feel a lot more confident in my core subjects...
    I know what I need to do now'

    Elley Dymond (Y10) - Perth, WA

Ellen and Marie (Y12 Students of Workshop)

Beth (Y9) & Cath Dimmick

  • Was previously

    "Getting C's... didn't know how to improve"
    "Was starting to think she just wasn't capable of more" -  Cath

  • Now...

    "I'm a lot higher and I'm getting A's and I feel really good" - Beth

  • 'Katie is the most conscientious and enthusiastic teacher I know, and also one of the most experienced in working with exam boards.
    She puts so much energy into everything she does and students are the beneficiaries of that.
    Any school who gets to have her work with them is at a
    huge advantage.'


    Ross Whale - Mathematics Teacher and External Exam Marker, Sydney

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